Napisoft: QuizMaster

The QuizMaster is a module that allows you to easily setup online quizzes and surveys, with wide range of options for the quiz display format.

Key features are:

  • Customizable splash page
    • Set your own introductory message
  • Visual display options
    • Set appearance of “Start Quiz” / “Next Question” buttons
    • Unique CSS classes to style the quiz.
  • Flexible question display modes:
    • All questions on a single page
    • Questions paginated one by one
    • Questions paginated to your preferred page size
    • Display questions in sequential order as set by admin
    • Display questions in random order
    • Option to force users to enter/select a response
  • Question scoring options
    • Automatic scoring
    • Manual scoring by Administrator
    • You can set the score value on each question, giving more value to certain questions as you wish
  • Flexible response display options:
    • Radio buttons
    • Checkboxes (More than one correct answer)
      • Radio buttons / Checkboxes allow you to select the repeat direction of the responses (vertical/horizontal) and the number of response columns per question. You can have multiple correct responses for CheckBoxList display mode. (All correct responses must be selected for the question to be deemed correct)
    • Drop down list
    • Text box (User types their own answers)
  • Time frames for quiz participation
    • Set a time frame that the quiz is active, and define a preactive and postactive message.
  • Time limit on quiz completion
    • Can set a time limit on completion of the whole quiz
    • Can set a time limit on a page bases (only available when displaying the questions in paginated mode)
  • Quiz participant features
    • History of past quiz attempts (for registered users only)
  • Quiz Completion Options
    • Send email to participant - you define the email message!
    • Redirect user to a page/file of your choice - e.g ask the user to fill out a questionnaire before they can download a file.

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Splash Page

Single Question Display

All Questions Display (With time limit)

Results Page